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“Idle Diversions” contains several doodles from among thousands created by Charles E. Burchfield during his lifetime.  He explained, “Doodling, in my case, is a free exercise in abstraction, unpremeditated and therefore not a conscious expression since they are done at a time of some other activity.  It is a compulsive sort of thing: if I have a pencil in my hand, there may be doodles all over envelopes, magazines, or whatever happens to be at hand.”  Nature was his primary source.  His imaginative doodles play on wildflower blossoms, roots and tendrils, sprouting trees, croaking frogs, moths and insects, birds, a crescent moon, wind direction, sparkling stars, and ambient sounds.  Symmetrical doodles have the appearance of curious creatures about to hop off the paper.  These “seemingly idle diversions” provided abstract motifs for his “serious pictures,” and continue to amuse us today.

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*Nova Color artist’s acrylic metallic paint was used in this specific color palette.  It is difficult to accurately represent the rich luster of metallic paints online.  Please visit one of our Showrooms or order a true sample.

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30ft. Double Roll, 15ft. Single Roll, 18" x 30" Sheet, 6" x 6" Sample