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About Red Disk

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Hand silkscreened in “Micro-runs”

Screen Printing, also known as “silkscreen” or “serigraphy,” originated in China around AD 221 as a way of transferring designs onto fabrics.  In modern production, an aluminum frame, stretched with a woven material (originally made of silk) is coated with a layer of photographic emulsion.  Using a lighted exposure unit, a negative image (design) is transferred to the screen.  The printmaker is then able to use a squeegee to force ink through the tiny holes in the woven fabric (the unblocked areas of the screen) directly onto the surface.

With the evolution of technology, some companies began printing their designs using a machine to perform the silkscreen process.  At Red Disk, we are committed to the natural hand of the artisan.  Hand silkscreening embraces the subtle imperfections, which we believe adds character and an inherent quality to all of our designs.  Like tasting the flavors thoughtfully and carefully prepared by a chef, our printmakers are connected to each step and layer of every roll of our wallpaper.

process featured - Our Process
process featured - Our Process
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Materials that are kind to our environment

From the beginning, we made a conscious decision to print with the highest quality materials we could source, ensuring they benefit our clients and are kind to our environment.  After years of painting our homes with C2 Paint, we swapped the traditional printing medium of ink, and figured out a way to print with C2 Paint.  It was a win-win-win!  Our papers have a beautiful sheen and durable finish.  Our colors are saturated, giving each design an incredible sense of depth…and the curated C2 paint palette gives our clients the ability to effortlessly choose colors to personalize their spaces.

“If I had a nickel for every horror story about stripping 70’s and 80’s wallpaper”….you know the rest.  Well, times have changed….and that’s why we’re excited about our non-woven, FSC sourced, class “A” fire rating, highly breathable, recyclable and…not sure why you would want to…easy to remove wallpaper!