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Every wallpaper in our collection is handcrafted by printmakers in Buffalo, New York using traditional silkscreened methods and latex paint. Each roll is beautifully unique, printed on demand for each client project.  As with any artisan product, it is natural to see process characteristics found exclusively in handcrafted work.  We fully embrace our craft, and believe these qualities add value to our products.  They express our company mission and beliefs…in our skilled artisans and our commitment to the traditional process.


Wallpaper installation is a skill of craftsmanship. We highly recommend hiring an experienced wallpaper installer who is insured and a member of a professional association.

While great care is taken to ensure the quality of our papers, we ask that you check each roll to make sure the design and color way is accurate. Some of our papers are labeled with the direction in the selvage and some are not, so please refer to the installation diagram to be certain your pattern is installed correctly.

A fresh coat of primer or sizing will help ease wallpaper installation and wallpaper removal, if ever needed.

We recommend using high quality wallpaper paste.  Please refer to instructions listed on the product.

Most traditional high-end wallpaper arrives untrimmed.  Untrimmed wallpaper has a selvage, a margin on each edge of the roll.  The selvage provides a few important purposes.  It protects the edge of the wallpaper roll from being damaged if dropped or bumped.  It also provides more control when matching the pattern.  Additionally, our selvages have a distinguished provenance…including important details about each roll and small vertical trim lines to guide cutting.  Always use a firm straight edge and a new blade.

Our wallpapers are wipeable with a damp cloth, but please use extra care when cleaning.  The substrate is a low-VOC emitting, non-pvc product made with (non-woven) wood pulp/natural fiber technology containing FSC sourced materials.  Class “A” fire rating in a highly breathable (increases resistance to mold and mildew in high humidity environments) recyclable wall covering.


Our wallpapers are printed on demand, so we do not accept returns; however, if you have questions when you receive your order, please contact us.


The product information and technical advice is for guidance only. It is given in good faith, but without warranty, since installation skill and environmental conditions are out of our control.

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