Artist: Hervé Tullet
You should not draw on the wall…
But maybe just once, just this time,
you could make a tiny mini little dot on this wallpaper.
Just one and it is over.
Ok…maybe you could draw a little more.
A line? Other tiny dots?
Bigger ones?
Circles? Scribbles?
It’s your turn to complete my drawing and to make it yours!

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A portion of the sale of every roll of WHAOOOOO! wallpaper directly supports the Albright Knox Art Gallery

All Red Disk wallpapers are printed to order and require a lead time of 4-6 weeks. In stock wallpaper samples and sheets will be shipped within two business days. Non stock wallpaper samples and sheets will be shipped within 7-10 business days.

We offer two wallpaper sample sizes. We recommend ordering a 12”x 12” sample for color accuracy and scale of the design. When you receive your 12”x 12” sample, we will include a coupon code, which can be used to apply a $25 credit toward a future order (single roll minimum).

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30ft. Double Roll, 15ft. Single Roll, 12" x 12" Sheet, 6" x 6" Sample